Earn more with the circular economy

Published on 21 July 2022 Reading time : 2 Minutes

This change was of course not realized in one day. After the logical idea that you have to reuse materials, the implementation is quite a task. A linear economy with all its facets is still the daily practice in our electrical industry. So change requires effort. PartTracker takes the lead in this and makes the circular economy accessible to machine and panel builders.

The beginning is simple: First of all, we believe that what is delivered should also be used. When machines and their components are on the shelf, the energy of mining the raw materials and producing a part has been useless. The next step is also a small one: We support everything we deliver during the technical lifespan, because this is a core value of the circular economy: “use until the end of technical life”. The last step requires a little more effort: We dismantle the components after their service life.

Sustainability and profitability come together in the circular economy. You can’t do it alone. It requires an effort of multiple value chains, within which you seek your position and extend your existing business model with a profitable activity.

This working method requires a different approach to the supply chain. We believe that the “supply chain” is a concept with a meaning that no longer fits in a circular economic chain. At PartTracker we prefer to see ourselves as part of a “Cell”. This means that we do not throw our deliveries over the fence and wish the person (machine panel builder, production environment) on the other side good luck. We work together as part of the process in which we are responsible for the supply and removal of the right products at certain times and places.

Because it concerns the supply and removal of products that we supply, the stock at our relations is optimal, parts are available (even if they are no longer produced), and intensive collaborations can be discussed in the field of service, preventive maintenance and stock strategy.

PartTracker sells, operates, maintains, renovates and circulates business-critical electrical components and their supporting software.

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