25 years of product support?

Published on 9 June 2021 Reading time : 2 Minutes

How long does a machine remain operational. It is difficult to attach hard figures to this. Still, you want to have spare parts and repairs available for as long as possible. That’s a challenge. As long as the machine is running, you want to make use of optimal service and information, so that you do not have to invest in new machines, but continue to use the existing machines.
If it is better for your company not to invest in a new environment, but to have the service on a machine that is twenty years old, how do you deal with this?
An efficient and cost-saving way is to make agreements with companies that support parts on availability and function until the end of technical life. They are not so thickly seeded. PartTracker does.

When you commission a machine, you make an estimate of the operational life of this machine. For most suppliers it ends there. You may still conclude a maintenance contract, but they usually only come back into the picture when the machine malfunctions. This working method has a number of negative consequences that can be solved by offering a good Service Agreement, which guarantees a carefree operation of the machine.

To facilitate this type of Service Agreement, PartTracker offers the possibility to purchase business-critical electrical components from us with a warranty on 25 years of support, replacement and availability. We even go so far as to take back the components supplied by us when a machine is taken out of service and give it a second life. In the best tradition of a circular industry. Durable and reliable.

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