Why is the SIMATIC ET 200SP so powerfull?

Published on 22 May 2022 Reading time : 4 Minutes

The SIMATIC ET 200SP is a I/O system, this ensures communication between computer systems. It has standard IP20 protection that can communicate with SIMATIC PCS 7 automation systems via PROFINET IO or PROFIBUS DP. It is designed for installation in enclosures or control cabinets.


The modest dimensions (some only 20 mm wide) of the SIMATIC ET 200SP Combined with an extensive product range make this system so attractive. Thanks to its small size and being 50% thinner than comparable equipment. Not only do you save space in your control cabinet, but you also create more options for expansion, up to 64 modules.

Despite its compactness, it doesn’t sacrifice performance either. For example, you have fast communication via PROFINET and you can replace modules and terminal boxes while the system is operational. The smart, integrated PROFIenergy profile also provides significant energy savings by measuring and shutting down the standby energy consumption of sensors and actuators where possible.

User friendly

Malfunctions can be detected and rectified in a very short time. This is due to the comprehensive, channel-specific and easy-to-program diagnostics with clear text messages. In addition, the configuration of the station is remarkably easy due to the push-in connections that are effortlessly wired, making it all user-friendly.

The new arrangement of the spring releases also allows effortless disconnection of the connections. Furthermore, the ET 200SP also makes ‘hot swapping’ possible, so a complete module can be replaced during an ongoing operation. Therefore, several modules can be removed and replaced at the same time. Only the replacement modules are disabled and not the entire station.

Communication talent

Remote I/O systems have become an integral part of modern decentralized installations. Not only do they ensure efficient communication between the actuator and the PLC, they also significantly reduce costs .

Regardless of the communication standard you use, the SIMATIC ET 200SP meets all requirements. Whether through interface and communication modules or via bus adapters. For example, you can send data at lightning speed via PROFINET or PROFIBUS and sensors and actuators can be quickly connected to each other and I/O modules. I/O link provides unified connectivity between different (RFID) devices via cost-effective point-to-point connections.

As energy management requirements in factories become an important topic in today’s production environment, there is nothing better to prepare than with the SIMATIC ET 200SP: AI energy meters are designed for machine-level use. In this way, users can configure the data needed for their applications based on more than 200 different electrical measurements and energy values ​​to understand the energy needs of individual components in their production plants. Based on these statistics, consumption forecasts and revenue determinations can then be made, leading to conclusions about tax management and service.

That is why the SIMATIC ET 200SP will meet all possible requirements. The excellent system concept has ensured that the range of ET 200SP system components has been continuously refined and expanded over the years, opening up countless application possibilities in the most diverse industrial sectors.


The SIMATIC ET 200SP open controller is equipped with all possible safety functions. The powerful new CPU 1515SP PC F enables standard automation tasks from a compact device. The controller combfail-safes the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualizations and Windows applications.

In addition, the SIMATIC ET 200SP is also suitable for fail-safe communication. Safety modules for DI and DO fit in perfectly with standard modules. Functional safety is certified according to EN 61508. The special feature of the F module on the SIMATIC ET 200SP is that the F address can be assigned during the test run, making the configuration process much faster and easier.

Modularly designed motor starters are also part of the ET 200 series. They provide reliable protection for single-phase motors up to 5.5 kW against overload and short-circuit. Available in standard and fail-safe versions, they fully comply with the streamlined structural concept of the ET 200SP IO system with an extremely compact mounting width.thickness of only 30 mm.

Future of REMOTE I/O

Still, the demands and expectations are increasing: modern I/O units are preferably safe, easy to install and use, flexible in use, powerful and compact enough for even the smallest switch cabinets. SIMATIC ET 200SP can do it all. As such, the ET200SP is the perfect successor to the ET200S, which entered the end of its series in October 2020.

In short, the SIMATIC ET 200SP heralds a new era for remote I/O. An era in which energy and cost efficiency, ease of use and safety are central. All this makes this I/O unit an indispensable partner in your decentralized production environment.

SIMATIC ET 200SP features at a glance

Extremely compact dimensions
Expandability of the station with up to 64 modules
Extensive module range (including Safety, motor starters, energy meters, DALI, etc.)
Replacement of modules during operation
Channel accurate diagnosis functions
High-speed communication via PROFINET and isochronous backplane bus

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