Your supplier in a fast changing world.

Over the last few years the world has been confronted with the dependence on the microchip. The global supply chain has been disrupted by the shortages in electro technical components, resulting in delays and downtime everywhere. This situation has accelerated the transition into a circular ecenomy. We emprace the circular movement as it offers unprecedented benefits

PartTracker B.V. is your primary supplier for all industrial electronical modules and components. We find (hard to get) modules and ship them globally. We carry stock and offer refurbish-, maintenance- and pre-maintenance solutions for your critical parts. The circular economy, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are at the core of our company. 

PartTracker- Your partner:

  1. No surplus stock in your waehouse.
  2. Availability of parts.
  3. Stock of hard to find parts.
  4. Expert team to find a solution for you situation.
  5. High quality repairs.
  6. Global delivery of your modules.
  7. Guaranteed return of your modules even when used.

Fast forward to a green future!

Within our electrotechnical wholesale business, we value sustainability and like to do our bit for the circular economy. One way we do this is by offering refurbished and reconditioned products. In addition, we strive to reduce our waste and minimize our carbon footprint by reuse and recycling materials. We also advise our customers on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions and offer products that meet sustainability criteria and labels. We believe that a circular economy is essential for a sustainable future and will continue our efforts to contribute to it.

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