About OMRON  

OMRON was founded i n Japan in 1933. This highly innovative company has specialised itself in industrial electronics. Did you you know that OMRON developed the first fully automated traffic light? The world first unmanned train station was also developed by the OMRON engineers.  

OMRON has many innovative products for panel builders. The modules are easy to install and use the available space efficiently as the modules have a compact design to safe space. Last but not least the modules are designed to hold twisted wire pairs.  

The most important product ranges from OMRON are industrial PC's , PLC's, HMI's Machine controllers and I/O modules.  

OMRON by PartTracker   

At PartTracker we carry a broad range of OMRON products in stock. We distribute and ship items from stock immediately and all over the world. You can order any OMRON part with us. If we don’t have the item available from stock, you can leave a search request on our website or drop us an Email. PartTracker is specialized in sourcing hard to find modules. We source our modules through our global network and offer OEM, New, refurbished and used products. Thanks to our extensive network, you can finish our project on time or repair your machine as quick as possible.   

PartTracker gives a 1 year warranty on all new OMRON products and a 2 year warranty on refurbished products. If you have a defected part, we can also repair it for you. You will receive a 2 year warranty on our repairs.   

Are you working for a System integrator, Machine builder or a manufacturing plant? You can buy your OMRON modules quick and easy via our dedicated sales team. We are ready to help you out.   



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