Omron power Supplies CJ1W-PD022

Omron power Supplies CJ1W-PD022
  • Omron power Supplies CJ1W-PD022

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For over 10 years we have been finding parts for machines and control cabinets that no one else can find. So are you looking for a power supplies from Omron? Then we can help you further. We have an extensive international network of producers, stockholders and users of electrotechnical components.

The Omron power Supplies CJ1W-PD022 has the following specifications: Power supply unit, 24 VDC, output capacity: 19.6 W.

If you would like more information about the Omron power Supplies CJ1W-PD022, please contact one of our experts directly.

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  • Eigenschappen

    • Weightkg
      • 0.13 
    • Lengthcm
    • Widthcm
      • 2.7 
    • Heightcm
      • 8.2 
    • Condition
      • New 
    • Country of origin
      • China 
    • Brand
      • Omron 
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