Omron PLC Materials GRT1-ID8.1 (NEW)

Omron PLC Materials GRT1-ID8.1  (NEW)
  • Omron PLC Materials GRT1-ID8.1  (NEW)

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Omron PLC Materials GRT1-ID8.1 (NEW) at PartTracker

In 2010, we at PartTracker started finding machine and control cabinet parts that no one else could find. With this we have built up a wide range of PLC materials of Omron. We have been able to do this thanks to our global network consisting of producers, stockists and users of electrotechnical components.

PartTracker's Omron PLC Materials GRT1-ID8.1 (NEW) has the following specifications: SmartSlice, 8 in, PNP 24 VDC, adjustable switch, 4x 24V+ connection.

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At PartTracker we keep emergency stocks for fast delivery or we organize a joint purchasing advantage. Particularly in times of unreliable delivery times, we consider collective thinking extremely important. Thanks to our worldwide network, we can act quickly and adequately when you need a part, we are often even faster than if you order directly from the manufacturer. We also often have local access to the parts for an even shorter delivery time. This means that we can normally deliver the products within 14 days, whether they are in stock or not.

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We can guarantee the technical lifespan of a part thanks to a good overhaul and repair device. To keep the quality of revision and repair very high, we work together with various companies within the European Union. In the more than ten years that PartTracker has been active, less than one percent of the thousands of supplied parts have malfunctioned and have been returned within the warranty period.

When you have ordered parts from PartTracker, we offer lifetime support. If you need help with anything, we are always there for you. You can also return your (used) materials thanks to our buy back guarantee.

Since we attach great importance to sustainability, we are happy to contribute to the circular economy. We do this by offering the possibility to repair or refurbish your parts.

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  • Eigenschappen

    • Weightkg
      • 0.11 
    • Lengthcm
      • 84 
    • Widthcm
      • 15 
    • Heightcm
      • 75 
    • Condition
      • New 
    • Country of origin
      • Netherlands 
    • ECCN Code
    • HS Code
      • 8471.6070.00 
    • Brand
      • Omron 

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