Introducing: Peter Brakenhoff

Published on 6 April 2022Time to read: 2 minutes

PartTracker is growing. In order to give our clients the attention they deserve, we have strengthened our team with Peter Brakenhoff. So this month we ask our five questions to Peter.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

My name is Peter Brakenhoff, I live in the longest ribbon village in the Netherlands, beautiful Assendelft. I am a real Zaankanter and a huge tennis fan and on beautiful sailing days you can meet me on the Zaan or Alkmaardermeer. Doing nothing is not an option for me… I enjoy working in a dynamic environment.

What is your background?

Born into a large baker’s family, I would naturally continue in our family business. It turned out differently. My pleasure is to further develop dealing with customers and customer contacts. That is how I came to Unilever in the sale of foodservice products. Here I built great sales relationships with chefs of fine restaurants and buyers in the food industry.

What is your best sales experience?

During the Unilever period, I was given responsibility for the On-the-Go market at a good time. That’s how I came to KLM Catering Services and got good contacts with different disciplines. We were invited for a tender to come up with proposals for various catering moments for passengers. Quite a story, I remember exactly the moment and time that my contact person from KCS called me: “Peter…….. you won our tender”

What’s great about PartTracker?

I got to know Alex, an entrepreneur and above all a ‘people person’, Alex also lives in Assendelft. In my previous work, everyone was aware of the importance of sustainable business practices and of thinking out of the box solutions. I like that PartTracker is at the forefront of thinking along with our customers about circular ecosystem developments.

What will you mean for our customers?

Warm and honest customer contacts are important to PartTracker, which is why Alex and Wesley have grown so successfully with PartTracker. Continuing on this beautiful road is extremely important to me and PartTracker. I also trust that my experience will contribute to further expanding it successfully. My personal motto: “challenges make it fun”

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