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About PartTracker

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About PartTracker

In 2010, PartTracker started finding parts for machines and control cabinets that no one else could find.

We have built up a worldwide network of manufacturers, stockholders and users of electrical components.

We search for the right products in the right places. As a result, we are able to successfully complete almost any search.

Sustainable device management

PartTracker is an independent industry supplier that understands where the circular economy is going.

That is why we help production companies and machine builders. We are already saving our clients time and costs with our special service, which is unique in the industry.



Repair service and warranty

The technical life of a part is guaranteed by a good revision and repair device.

PartTracker works together with various companies within the European Union to keep the quality of overhaul and repair extremely high.

We are therefore also proud that in our ten-year existence thousands of parts have gone to users and the number of items that have failed and returned during the warranty period is less than one percent.


''We use the services of Part Tracker for disaster maintenance and planned maintenance. Alex knows how to find a solution for almost every problem. Fine cooperation.''

Herman Jansen
Chief technical service, Katers Productie machines

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