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About PartTracker

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About PartTracker

PartTracker was founded in 2009. New and unique with its vision in the current market of electrical components. PartTracker BV has acquired expertise in supplying these components for machines and production lines. Through calmness, dedication and oversight, has growth and specialization enabled us to enhance our services.

PartTracker BV is a well-established name in the industry, with a good reputation in the realm of supply. Delivery speed, delivery reliability, promptness in resolving issues, repairs and overhauls – all these things are part of a day at PartTracker BV.

The people at PartTracker assist you in obtaining industrial electrical components. It's essential throughout the supply chain that a machine or production line becomes and remains operational.

We consider our customers as team players in the chain, and we are profoundly grateful for the trust they place in us. To support this trust, we keep our partners informed about our latest investments in improving and expanding existing services, and when new services are needed, we create them from scratch. Everything is geared towards an efficient supply chain.

Cirele BV, our service company for overhauls, repairs, and maintenance.

The supply chain as implemented by PartTracker is new and unprecedented in the market. We support the product based on its technical lifespan rather than its commercial lifespan, as seen in wholesalers and other supply chains.

That’s why we've established a sister company: Cirele BV. Our newly founded service company specializing in the electronics that PartTracker BV supplies to its partners with repairs, overhauls, and maintenance, all backed by a 2-year warranty.



Your Benefits on the Path to a Circular Supply Chain.

In the bigger picture, we state that we're striving for a circular industry, particularly the electrical industry. The government aims for a circular economy, but there's no circular economy without a circular electrical industry.

Some benefits you can gain from collaborating with PartTracker include:

  • Cost reduction in terms of the CO2 performance ladder.
  • Circular procurement leads to stronger positions in tenders.
  • Assurance of parts availability.

These are a few advantages not typically found in standard supply companies.


''We use the services of Part Tracker for disaster maintenance and planned maintenance. Alex knows how to find a solution for almost every problem. Fine cooperation.''

Herman Jansen
Chief technical service, Katers Productie machines

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